WattAgNet: India egg group refutes claims of plastic eggs in market


National Egg Coordination Committee says there would be no economic benefit to selling plastic eggs as real ones

Egg purchases and consumption in India has dropped in recent days as a result of rumors that plastic eggs from China have been infiltrated into the Indian egg market. India’s National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) asserts that those claims are false.

According to Indian Express, NECC held a press conference on April 18 to address the allegations.

NECC members explained that production of artificial eggs would cost more than production of natural eggs, so there would be no economic incentive to sell the plastic eggs.

NECC was registered in 1982 after the Indian egg industry was hit by a number of crises and more than 40 percent of all egg farmers ceased operations because it was no longer viable to continue to produce, according to the NECC website. The organization formed with the objective to unite poultry farmers from all over India and to control their own destiny.


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