PoultryWorld: Plans to launch vegan eggs in Europe this year

Food-tech brand Eat Just plans to launch its vegan egg alternative across Europe by the end of the year.

Eat Just is in the rapidly growing plant-based egg alternatives and cultured meat markets. The company’s CEO, Josh Tetrick, says that it is the company’s goal to be “the most consumed egg in the world.” The eggs are made from a legume, the mung bean.

In March, the company announced it had thus far sold the equivalent of 100 million chicken eggs, describing itself as ‘the fastest-growing egg brand in the US’. It has also recently held a finance round, securing US$200 million, which it says will be used to build capacity for its products and build its brands in ‘key international markets’.

Eat Just has raised more than US$650 million since 2011.

Eat Just’s new brand, GOOD Meat, which offers cell-cultured meat, gained regulatory approval in Singapore in December 2020. This was a world first.


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