PoultryWorld: CP Foods increases cage-free egg production by 30%

To meet the growing demand for higher animal welfare practices and antibiotic-free products, Thailand-based Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) increases the production of cage-free eggs in 2021 to 16 million.
CP Foods says strong hens, good genetics, a high standard of animal welfare practices and biosecurity go into producing these free-range eggs.
CP Foods says strong hens, good genetics, a high standard of animal welfare practices and biosecurity go into producing these free-range eggs.

According to the company’s vice president, Somkid Wannalukkhee, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in health-conscious consumption, which can be seen on other parts of the world, too.

First cage-free farm in Thailand

CP Foods’ Wang Somboon Farm in Saraburi province is the first cage-free farm in Thailand certified by the Department of Livestock Development for cage-free farming. Since 2018, the egg farm has promoted high animal welfare principles and this year aims to produce 16 million cage-free eggs. This is a yearly increase of 30% and is in line with the company’s CPF 2030 Sustainability in Action strategy.

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“CP Foods places importance upon safe, sustainable and antibiotic-free production, using the best farming technologies to manage the cage-free farm, ensuring eco-friendly and safe operation,” said Wannalukkhee.

Multiple enrichments and digitally-controlled environment

Wang Somboon Farm’s hens are raised in a closed system house that is managed in accordance with animal welfare principles, including:

  • 15 cm per hen for linear perch space.
  • Multiple enrichments that allow hens to express their natural behaviours.
  • A system to digitally control the environment.

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The layers are fed 100% grains. With strong hens, good genetics, good animal welfare practices and high biosecurity combined, Wannalukkhee says that CP Foods’ cage-free eggs are fresher, have bright orange egg yolks and are free of antibiotics.

Egg traceability system

In addition to quality testing, CP Foods has introduced a digital product traceability system whereby a colour is printed on the eggshell to identify the farm that it came from. This, says the company, aims to increase confidence in transparency of cage-free egg production to consumers. The trays are made from 100% recycled paper.


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