PoultryWorld: Eggs and chicken popular in Brazilian households

Eggs and chicken where the favourite animal protein in Brazilian homes during the pandemic.

A survey presented by Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) shows that 98.5% of households consumed some type of animal protein in that period.


Poultry meat pushes beef from top slot

The research, conducted by the Center for Advice and Market Research (CEAP), concluded that eggs are favourite, with 96% of presence in Brazilian´s houses, followed by chicken (94%), pork (80%), beef (79%) and fish (65%).It is worth mentioning that, historically, beef was the second most consumed meat in Brazil. The reasons behind the new breakdown might lie in the fact that the prices of beef have more than double since 2019. On top of that the high unemployment rate and decreasing income trend in Brazil could explain the popularity of cheaper protein sources.

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Covid-19 effect

Conducted during the pandemic, the survey shows that most meat consumption occurred at home. Another effect was online shopping. Digital buyers of chicken, eggs and pork more than doubled during the pandemic. “The survey pointed out important insights, such as presentation of products and e-commerce. It is not yet possible to say whether the effects are permanent, but the data does indicate a strong relation between the consumption and the context where the consumer is,” says Isis Sardella, ABPA’s Marketing and Commercial Promotion manager.


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