PoultryWorld: The world’s first plant-based hard-boiled egg


The world’s first plant-based “hard-boiled eggs” have been launched in Switzerland. Developed over years and manufactured by ELSA, a Migros subsidiary, the new hard-boiled egg alternative is based on soy protein and is known as ‘V Loved The Boiled’.

“This is a real alternative to hard-boiled eggs,” according to Lucie Kendall, developer of the plant-based egg at ELSA, adding that the plant-based product looks like an ordinary picnic hard-boiled egg and can be cut and prepared as such. V-Love The Boiled will be available in packs of 4 retailing at Migros for at CHF 4.40 (US$ 4.78).

The upcoming launch of vegan poultry by Beyond Meat will not impact demand for traditional broiler meat, reports Russian magazine Agroinvestor.

Hard-boiled egg competitor in the US
V-Love, the plant-based and vegetarian brand of Migros, was launched in 2020. The range includes more than 100 products, including a yogurt alternative based on chickpeas. Migros is the first hard-boiled egg alternative to reach the market.

Meanwhile, in the US, Crafty Counter is also advertising their hard-boiled egg alternative, WunderEggs, made from nuts and said to offer similar nutrition to chicken eggs. The product has not yet reached the shelves, but is currently patent pending.


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