PoultryWorld: UAE lifts ban on poultry from India

The United Arab Emirates has lifted a ban on imports of eggs and other poultry products from India. The ban was put in place about 5 years ago due to concerns over avian influenza.


The UAE relies on imports of not only food, but of nearly all inputs for the poultry sector, from medicine and packaging to equipment and feed.

Poultry imports in 2021 are forecast at 415,000 mt and for 2022 at 445,000 mt as trade recovers and the market begins to stabilise. New Delhi has assured that it would follow biosafety norms and standards set by the World Organization for Animal Health to prevent infection from bird flu, allowing the country entry to the UAE market.

Table eggs, hatching eggs and day-old chicks will be exported from India to the UAE, currently just from 2 establishments in Tamil Nadu, according to officials, The Economic Times reported.

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India had sought market access for eggs under the trade pact it is negotiating with the UAE. Poultry is one of the 1,100-odd products that New Delhi wants to increase exports of through the agreement.

The UAE is India's third-largest trading partner with bilateral trade reportedly almost US$60 billion in FY2020. It was India's second-largest export destination after the US, with an export value of around US$29 billion.


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